What We Offer

It’s my pleasure to offer multiple services to those living in the greater Nova Scotia area and across Canada. Check out the services below, and let me know if you have any questions. 

First-Time Home Buyers Program

Buying your first home is quite the experience! There are so many different things to think about, and you’re bound to have questions. We have a great first-time home buyers program that is designed to guide you every step of the way from the very beginning. 

You’ll get not only help with the paperwork around a first-time mortgage, but I can help you navigate the incentives available to you. This is a special time in a homeowner’s life, so you want to make sure that you’re taking advantage of every opportunity possible to have the smoothest experience getting into your home. 

Mortgage Refinancing

WOW – The Nova Scotia area has experienced incredible growth, with the booming market many of us have access to equity we never thought possible while living in our homes. 

Why not update your beloved family home and get those changes you dreamed of since you moved in? Call me and be surprised at what you qualify for.  

Struggling with debt? Let’s refinance and pay it off so you can relax with one payment at a great low rate. 

High rates, poor service, and never seeing the same broker when you call for help? You deserve more and I want to help let’s make a plan.

Mortgage refinancing does come with its own share of paperwork to understand, but I specialize in making the refinancing process as smooth as possible. I’d love to walk you through exactly how to make refinancing work for your unique situation. If refinancing isn’t the right option for you, I will also make sure to let you know where your true options stand. 

Mortgage Renewals & Switches

Did you know that your mortgage contract is only in effect for a limited amount of time? If you’re coming to the end of your mortgage term, you’ll need to renew your mortgage. Don’t let the notice from the lender catch you off guard. I’m more than happy to explain exactly what steps you need to take to renew your mortgage, and we can talk about the current rates in effect. Sometimes the lower mortgage rates mean that your next term comes with a lower monthly payment than you anticipated. 

I have multiple connections in the mortgage industry, including access to over 30 different lenders and major banks. If you don’t feel comfortable with your current lender and you want to switch to a new lender, we can look at this anytime so you can feel safe and secure with someone dedicated to serving you.  I work for YOU not the banks. 

Bruised Credit

Everybody makes mistakes and, unfortunately, the credit system is very good at holding onto them a lot longer than we realized. Thankfully, after spending decades looking over financials, I’ve come up with ways to handle tricky credit situations and still watch my clients close on mortgages. It is my pleasure to help you get into a mortgage by looking at both traditional and nontraditional paths to getting the job done. 

Sometimes when it’s time to get the right mortgage, you just need a little magic. 

Investment Mortgages

Rentals are a tried-and-true way to bring in passive income, help others in your community, and build up an asset that you can sell later. If you’re looking into an investment mortgage, there are a number of differences compared to a mortgage for a house you’ll live in. 

I can help you understand the differences and the paperwork involved with these mortgages; just contact me to get the process started. As always, there’s never any obligation; I want to make sure that you’re getting the correct information the first time. 

Self Employed Solutions

Roadblocks be gone! Many Canadians have successful small businesses and love the lifestyle more than anything. Why change that? Working hard, giving back to the community, and being successful has not always been rewarded when you applied for for a mortgage or car finance. 

I have GOOD NEWS! Canadian mortgage lenders have started to reward and structure mortgages just for you. 

Looking for a primary residence, vacation home, or maybe an investment property? Let’s look at the great new options for you and how to secure what you need. They don’t call me the Mortgage Jeannie for nothing. I am determined, like all entrepreneurs, to get you to the finish line. 

P.S.: There are new products for  Professional Self Employed Can you believe it? Finally! 

New Canadians

Welcome to Canada! We are so glad you came to help us grow this amazing country. I love showcasing the beauty and appeal of Nova Scotia with people looking to call this province home for good. Let me help you walk through the process of owning your first home in Canada! 

There are so many options for our new Canadians  I can’t list them all. The easiest way to get the right info to you is by you talking and me listening to your needs, situation and then working hard for you to enjoy the process of finding that Canadian Dream home. A few tips for you:

  • A work permit and/or PR makes things easier for you.  (options for other situations available)
  • A gifted down payment from family in your home country is great, but let’s talk about how to do this and have the right documents for the lender
  • Most important is my job is to work for you and negotiate rates and make things easy for you. I take pride in making your welcome and journey  the best, Let’s get a plan together for you soon.

Spousal Buyout Mortgage

There’s nothing sweet about divorce; it’s a challenging time for all parties involved. However, if you’re looking for a spousal buyout mortgage, I have a few options for you. Of course, everything depends on your unique situation. I never make any recommendations without hearing your story and listening to what you need. 

Getting a spousal buyout mortgage to run smoothly can have its fair share of obstacles, but I have extensive experience in navigating tough situations for my clients. I am happy to work with lawyers and all involved. This is when a shoulder to lean on is so important mine are broad.

Reverse Mortgage for Senior Homeowners

When financial concerns come up, a reverse mortgage can be the best choice for unlocking the equity in your home. Seniors face a wide variety of financial challenges as they age, but you don’t have to do it alone. There are very strict rules around reverse mortgages, which can make it complicated to understand how everything works, including what happens to your home.

A reverse mortgage is a way to tap into the equity built up into your home to handle those financial challenges without having to pay the loan until you leave the house. This means that the only time the loan comes due is when the last borrower leaves the home or passes away. 

As you might expect, there are multiple issues that come into play with this, including limits on other financing options. It’s my pleasure to help, so don’t hesitate to contact me today!

Planning for Your Mortgage?

Looking at houses is fun, but looking at houses when you already have pre-approval is even better. If you want sellers to take your interest as seriously as you deserve, then planning for your mortgage is very important. 

Mortgage Preapproval

You have no obligation to stay with me if I get you preapproved, but you will want to as I am working for you and have your best interest at heart. In 10 minutes you can fill in my application and I can do a more complete verification of the situation compared to you just using a mortgage calculator. This is key to you shopping with confidence and knowing how much you can spend.

How will I do it?

Here’s a quick checklist of what we will gather together to get your mortgage journey started off RIGHT!

My clients think it is magic but the truth is that it isn’t really magic at all. It is understanding how to get you what you need. My number one goal is that you are successful in the mortgage world. I work for YOU, not the banks.

Let me know what applies to you and we can make a simple plan to get:

In-depth credit review – your credit app isn’t telling you the full story. Did you know your mortgage rate goes down as your credit score goes up? We can gain a few points by fixing errors.

Bruised credit – we need a full copy of bankruptcy or consumer proposal documents.

Proof of down payment, or maybe we can look for a no down payment product.

What about a house inspector? – let me recommend the best.

Letter of employment – if you have this, we can talk about how I can use it for you!

Disability income and other unique situations need documentation. Don’t worry, we can use most paperwork with no problem.

2 current pay stubs – if you are self-employed, we will talk about the best options.

Do you have a trustworthy real estate agent? – let me recommend the best.

The right lawyer – nothing beats a seasoned real estate lawyer, so let me provide you with a few names.

Let’s make this an exciting and happy experience. Call me any time, fill out the application and we will review the documents so you are ready to start shopping. This will let you bring all your questions to me and I will mention a few things you may not have thought of. I can’t wait to start working for you.