About Us

Who Are We?

Ah, the about page. This is where you go when you really want to know your mortgage broker and what they can do for you. Wonder why I am called the Mortgage Jeannie? Before you can really understand what I can do for you, you need to trust that I’m the right person. So let me explain more about myselfand the wishes I love to grant.

I am a fully licensed associate mortgage broker serving the Nova Scotia area. I bring with me not only 15 years of entrepreneurial experience but also 20 years of experience as an accountant, including time as a Chief Financial Officer.  

Why Choose Me as Your Mortgage Jeannie

As you might imagine, having a deep accounting background gives me a different perspective on the mortgage industry. I see what other brokers may overlook when it comes to getting you from start to close, including the bigger picture. 

In fact, I provide a free credit review and consultation to make sure that you get accurate, honest information in order to get the mortgage that fits your needs, with a low rate and the least amount of penalties possible. 

Your Mortgage Jeannie grants clients 3 wishes: low rates, low penalties and excellent service. My mission is simple: I want you to feel completely secure from beginning to end and let me do the negotiating, worrying and digging so you can enjoy the process and the outcome.

I am also a proud member of Canadian Mortgage Broker Association CMBA, BNI Maritimes, and the Halifax Chamber of Commerce.

Credit blemishes aren’t the end of your story; they’re just a chapter. I know what it’s like to have credit that isn’t perfect, and I’m happy to tell you that I have many clients that got into the home of their dreams even with a few rough spots on their credit report. 

Here’s a secret: sometimes, most of the questions happen not during the process of getting your mortgage but after. That’s why I make sure that I’m still checking on my clients after the mortgage closes in case they have any questions or concerns. I am always planning your successful renewal so my service continues until the mortgage is paid in full. That is real service.

I’m proud to be part of DLC Ideal Mortgage, Nova Scotia’s premier mortgage provider. We have owners and brokers with over 40 years of combined experience, which means Your Mortgage Jeannie can draw on outside-the-box solutions to help you meet your goals. With clout like this, we can make the strongest case for the best rates and terms based on your unique credit profile and distinct requirements. You have the A-Team at work for YOU.

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Referrals are Rewarded

I want to be the best associate mortgage broker for your needs, serving as an advocate you can trust during the entire process and long after the mortgage closes. The best gift for any mortgage broker is a great testimonial. If you have friends, family or even colleagues that are looking for help with their homebuying journey, I welcome any and all referrals. 

Of course, I do like to give back by offering a $100 referral fee for any closed business that results from your kindness. There’s no limit to that; I simply ask that I’m at the top of your list.